Be kind. It’s not a competition.


Be kind. It really is that simple.
We all have moments where we’re not, no one can be perfect.
But we sure can be mostly kind.

The area I live in has seen horrific loss recently, and others struggling with scary realities and futures.  It has brought kindness to the forefront for me.
You see one illness or one loss  does not trump another.
Pain is not a competition.
Pain and grief are individual and personal, and we need to support those people through the rough journey, but be gracious in knowing others to are suffering and struggling with their own battles.

Emotions run high,  hearts break and I can’t help but wonder how I can make it less.
I can’t.
But I can be kind.
I can listen.
I can support.
I can encourage.

I have chosen to be kind.  You see I live in fear and pain everyday with my child. But that doesn’t make theirs any less. And theirs doesn’t make my fears and pain less.

I have had two lovely ladies who know my child and the bipolar, anxiety struggles we face,  Grace me with kind words this week.  And those kind words mean more than anyone can imagine. And I can only hope my words and acts of kindness can be that to others.

Often with pain, loss and grief, kindness comes out of the woodwork, in many different forms.
But then it passes. And we March on with our lives.
What if we shared that same kindness always?
What if we gave all the time?
Being a mother of a child with chronic mental illness, I see kindness in abundance in times of crisis. And yes those are the times I need it most,  and am so grateful for it. It has given me a completely different perspective than before.
Kindness no matter the size is just that,  kind.
A smile, a door held open  a pass of the Kleenex. A ride,  a shoulder, an ear. A gift, a poem , a coffee. 
It’s really that simple.

Because like pain, illness and loss doesn’t trump another. One act of kindness doesn’t trump another act of kindness.
Kindness is not a competition either.
And I firmly believe no act is to small, at any time.

Be kind people. Even when it’s hard, even when you’re hurting, give someone a smile or a hug.

Be kind. It’s that simple.


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