Bipolar lives here.


Dude is growing up into this amazing young man before my eyes, to quickly if you ask me. He’s taking steps in his self care, ie med schedule, I wasn’t expecting for some time yet. 
His morning anxiety is less than I’ve ever seen and homework is not a trigger! Therapy is a bit different with the rapid cycling bipolar diagnosis, its considered chronic so weekly therapy is not needed at this point unless we hit a rough spell! Though he still sees his physiologist every week and psychiatrist every three months.
This I know is a total combination of things, meds being level, maturity, many years of therapies and teaching. Right now I tend to forget bipolar lives here some days, and that’s an awesome place to be.
Then we have a day. Typically right now a day a week. And I’m brought back to reality.
That though the cycles are farther apart  and not as severe , bipolar still lives in this house.

Bipolar will always live in this house. It’s a stubborn bugger that just won’t leave!
Even during these days of good, it still has a room.  It may spend more time in that room,  but it still comes out fairly regularly.  Some times just pieces of it make an appearance, some days it makes a full appearance.
It will always live here  it’s not going to just one day pack it’s bags and move out!
We cherish these times when it stays in its room for longer. It gives us peace, and calm and strength to handle the next nasty full appearance.
Many days I wish I could put signs in my face with my make up.  So customers, family and friends could just look and know I’m just having a bipolar mom day, and not to expect much, without me having to explain.
Yes I want a sign, one that says, good to go. 
One that says, no sleep, exhausted.
One that says, caution, full cycle appearing. 
One that says  OK.
One that says , shhhhh, close to tears.
One that says , be gentle.
One that says , not good, horrible  very bad day.
And one that says , thank you.
You see with the bipolar bugger living amongst us,  I often feel bad, because the chitter chatter, smiles, etc just simply take energy I sometimes don’t have.  Because it’s sapped all my energy, and raised every raw emotion I have.  It’s seized my heart, and cried my eyes dry.  And some days pretending it hasn’t wreaked havoc is damn near impossible, going through the motions of the day as if it hasn’t hit is extremely difficult.
Bipolar  you need to understand, does not just live with one person. It lives with the entire family. It consumes each and every person in the home when it decides to venture out of its room.

It’s so important that siblings are included in the discussion about it, have support of their own, and yes often that means parents with different kids,  out of the home family excursions are few and far between, but we try really hard not to let her brothers bipolar keep punky from doing things. We’ve sought support for her all her own so she has someone to talk to when bipolar raids our home.  Parents communicate, and if possible be the others biggest support.  If you’re split from the other parent  please remember this is your child, so bipolar lives in your home too, and putting aside differences and working together to support your child is crucial to their well being (obviously not if abuse is involved).  And your team of supports is working together.  Remember YOU have the rights, if the team is not working together, you are allowed to select another participant! Don’t be afraid to if needed.

Because bipolar won’t be moving out, yes bipolar lives here.


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