I’m the best mom. And so are you.


You are the best mom.

We all have days,  days of guilt, fear,  dread and sadness. But as long as you are doing your best, you are present, loving, aware and trying, you are the best mom.

I don’t care if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom.
I don’t care if you breastfeed or bottle feed.
I don’t care if you vaccinate or don’t.
I don’t care if you give your child medication, or choose not to.
I don’t care if you’re happily married, or happily single.
I don’t care if you have an only child or ten.

Those things don’t make you the best mom, let alone better than the other side.

This good ,  better and best mom debate needs to stop!
What you choose to do in the best interests of your child, does not mean the other mom’s doing different aren’t the best mom too.  Let’s face it we each have unique children, what makes us think mom’s aren’t as unique.  We don’t all fit in the same bubble. Thank God!
Each family is different, each situation is different. That doesn’t make it wrong.
And quite honestly, your children will not look at you in 10 years and say “you are the best mom,  you (enter any of above here) ”

I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of the debates, the bashing, the my way or the highway mentality. I’ve had it! Yes I’m sure everyone can quote one thing or another to prove that really those things make you a better mom because so and so makes your child this or that.
I don’t care! We are mom’s, bottom line. No long winded medical mumbo jumbo can take that away from us.  And because there’s so much on either side of the debates, I say chuck that crap and focus on what’s important. Your child and your family, not their child and their choices.
I can’t be alone? Maybe I am.

What makes you the best mom to YOUR child (because it doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be the best mom to mine)?
Because you care.
Because you kiss the boo boos,  and wipe the tears.
Because you read the stories, and give out hugs and kisses aplenty.
Because you educate yourself  I  any given personal situation.
Because you help with the homework, and lose countless hours of sleep.
Because you chauffeur.
Because you do whatever you can to help your child be the best they can.
Because you do your best to keep them safe and healthy, mostly happy.
Because you love your child, like no other could.

Those are a few amongst many reasons you are the best mom.

That doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t  too.


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One Response to “I’m the best mom. And so are you.”

  1. threekidsandi Says:

    You are so sweet, to post this.

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