Tip your hat to the Alberta outlaw.


https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/the-alberta-outlaw-raising-awareness-for-mental-he /

If you happen to live anywhere between grandprarie, Alberta and Nashville Tennessee and you happen to spot a cowboy on a horse named drifter.  Say thank you. Share some food, some hay and make a donation, but most of all say thank you!

This Alberta outlaw is taking on quite a feat to raise awareness and money for a cause near and dear to so many.  If your a rider you know just how daunting this road will be.  Travelling that distance on horse back is a journey in itself, doing so without food, money and a place to lay ones head makes the journey damn near impossible.

But those that are in the midst of a mental illness journey know just how

isolated and impossible surviving can feel.  It blows my mind that a single person is willing to ,  on horse back, in the worst months to travel through Alberta, step up and make a noise for such an incredibly important cause. It gives me hope

that maybe, just maybe peoples eyes will be opened to the illnesses and the stigmas.  As I told my boy about this Alberta outlaw this morning, he stood tall. He was amazed that someone would do something so unique and difficult to raise awareness and funds for something he battles daily.  I believe it made him feel a bit proud and a bit happy to hear that people care. Perhaps we don’t always see it, but people (one person at a time)  are making a difference in the world of mental health.

So if you see a lone cowboy travelling on his trusted horse, tip your hat. Tip your hat and say thank you.


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