Have a little hope.


In a world where we often don’t have control over much, we do always have control over certain things.

We live in a fast paced world, with somewhere to always be, someone to always be helping. We live in a world full of pain and sadness, trials and tribulations that our ancestors wouldn’t dream of.

I choose to slow down, possibly place myself in a bubble from time to time so I can control what I can.
I also choose hope.
Because there’s times when our world’s are spinning out of it. And sometimes it’s up to us to take it back, as much as possible at least, unfortunately we can’t always have it all.
There will always be those things we can’t control, be it if our kids treatments are working, the horrific shootings we hear on the news, the poverty ridden children all over the world, and so on.

We can always choose to have hope.
There will always be a sliver of hope, always a chance it will all be OK, even a little one. And there will always be hope that it (whatever it may be) will be OK.

The chances are we’ve all lost hope a time or two. But some how we always seem to see that glimmer and pull us through until the next time it’s needed.

Hope doesn’t seem to be needed every day of your life. It comes and goes with circumstances.
There’s two good things about this.
One, it’s proof that there are good times and things where everything  seems to be going along good with you not needing to tap into the hope reserve. Second when you do need to tap in, there’s no set amount of it to be had. So there’s as much as you need!

We can always control how much hope we have, so choose to have a lot, choose to never loose it.
Hope is yours and yours alone.


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