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8 seconds in the clearing.

July 4, 2015


Bestkids will not be blogging much this summer. I suggest you do the same.

Summer is likely the calmest most peaceful time of year for dude. His cycles lessen, his smiles increase, his peace arrives. Which means taking a moment to enjoy the closest possible thing to normal our family has.  Without the added pressures and triggers of school, homework and appointments we enjoy the peace and the relaxed calm of what is summer.

For the past 8 years, starting with the summer dude was being tested, poked and prodded, the kids and I have packed our bags at the end of June and headed for our paradise. It sits in a clearing at my parents, not far from town, so it’s possible for us to escape from reality while still being able to take part in it during the work day.

This clearing is our little piece of heaven.

For the first 5 summers rumour had it my best half and I were splitting. I think after 5 years the rumour mill figured out how odd it was for a couple to separate every year for two months (by the way we see each other almost daily).  No it wasn’t my best half we needed to get away from, it was everything else. It is the constant go, go, go of life in 2015 we need a break from.

Dude and his sister love nature. Waking up to birds and crickets is far more peaceful than cars and lawn mowers. And with the turmoil that our life sometimes is, we need that. We need to walk under the trees, look at the stars, put our feet in the pool and breathe, with no one watching and no one listening. We all need our safe haven and dude’s (and mine) is in that clearing. The clearing for two months fills my need for quiet and calm to get through ten months of chaos.

We are beyond lucky to have our piece of heaven so near to home, but I promise you can find yours almost anywhere. Even if it’s just for a couple days. Find that clearing, walk under the trees, look at the stars and just breathe.

I run an increasingly busy little business. And with running a small business comes doing whatever, whenever you can to help customers, even if it means after hours ice creams or early morning flowers, I love it and am typically glad to do it! My business is a pretty big part of my heart, one that comes above almost anything. I like to give, and to help and to do the little things that make a difference, those little things make my heart happy.
It comes above everything, but my kids that is.

As we settled into the clearing this year, I looked at my kids and and realized that 8 years have gone by in 8 seconds. And in 8 more seconds they will be grown. And so for this 8 seconds I am determined to enjoy our moments in the clearing. I am determined to take my full two days a week during the summer (because holidays and business don’t mix) or as much of them as possible,  and cherish the little moments, our moments. Chances of my answering the phone, returning messages and checking Facebook, or blogging will be slim for two days a week. And I encourage everyone to do the same for the peace, the calm and the quiet. Because before you know it these 8 seconds will have passed.

I’m not doing this just because the cell service is iffy in our clearing, but because I’ll be enjoying the clearing for the next 8 seconds.