Bipolar STILL lives here.

Right now, life is well. But yes bipolar still lives here.
Looking at where we were last year, I’ve come to realize crisis and crashing times are soon forgotten, but when they are remembered, they are remembered as if they were yesterday.
You see when the monster that is bipolar resides under your roof, things happen and change so quickly you don’t have time to process the shifts before the next shift has engulfed you. Bad and good shifts. Getting comfortable is not likely an option. Being vigilant, present and aware are always here.
But I have chosen instead of holding my breath for the next shift, the shoe to drop if you will, to cherish and embrace every moment of this current and good shift.
There’s no way to tell when bipolar will crash down our stairs, but even while I sit and reflect and embrace the good, I
am and must be still very aware that yes bipolar still lives here.


2 Responses to “Bipolar STILL lives here.”

  1. BipolarOnFire Says:

    I can relate. It’s always there, isn’t it?

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