Everyone’s Child.

Here’s what I know. 

I know that denying or ignoring issues does nothing. 

I know that in many things in life it would be or is easier to ignore problems or shrug them off.

I know that in life ignoring or pretending certain things aren’t a reality doesn’t make them better or go away. 

I wasn’t always the person I am today. My heart used to be good but not the same as it is today. It’s evolved. Along with my mind through the years.

You see having a child who is classified by the general population as “different ” (that’s about the kindest thing he’s been labeled) has opened my eyes greatly.  Has given me perspective and opened my mind even more than it was.

I’ve been asked “why waste your time? ” I’ve been told “you can’t get worked up over things.  Just let it go. ” etc. 

One thing I have learned through parenting a child who battles daily and who has never fit the norm (OK 2 now) is that not speaking up or acknowledging issues does nothing to help. In fact ignoring and denying is often a large part of the problem when talking about stigmas, stereotypes and prejudice.  

If you ignore and deny does that not make it more blissful for the ignorant? 

It may be blissful for them, but for those who live outside of that ignorance, who many are ignorant about, it can and is often hell.

I don’t think those living in glass houses shouldn’t be made aware of the stones often cast at others. Why should they get to decide who is better than who? And why should they get to ruin lives while looking out of their windows but doing nothing?

We all have our passions, opinions,views etc . Most I can appreciate and even follow with enthusiasm at the very least I can understand and respect. I can’t, simply can’t, when they involve hurting or judging other human beings based on stereotypes, prejudice and ignorance.  I just can’t. No matter how much I try.

If your child was outside of the “norm” you preach. If your child (or you) was pushed out, put aside, beaten, emotionally and mentally abused by a portion of society for nothing more than being alive or themselves, would your stones still be cast? Would you just sit by quietly and let them be pummeled? Because after all shouldn’t you just let it go? Should we all just shut up and pretend it’s not reality and do nothing while your child is broken from the stones or hanging from a tree because society has deemed them not worthy? Would you still find it acceptable or not worthy of your attention if it were your child? 

Everyone is someone’s child. 


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