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Back to school. Love mom.

August 27, 2015


Next week you’ll be opening those big metal doors of a new school year.
Your backpacks and doors won’t be the only thing that is heavy and loaded down.
You will be full of nerves, excitement, uneasiness and happiness.
I want you to remember a few things, not just on this first day, but every day of the school year.

1. You are good enough! As you sift through the unsteadiness that comes with not seeing your peers, and the worries that come a long with not knowing if your friends from last year will still be your friends this year. As you walk into the new classroom with a new teacher and slowly take those steps to the new desk. And your tummy is in knots not knowing if anyone will talk to you. Know that you are good enough. And every other kid is feeling the same.

2. I don’t care about the other kids. OK I do, but please please don’t compare yourself to them.  I am not worried about what Suzy got on the test, I am not worried that your mark was lower. I’m not worried about Johnny being a math whiz, but you don’t get it. I’m not worried about the game being lost, or won. Did YOU try? Did YOU do YOUR best? That’s all I care about. You have your own talents and gifts, as everyone in your class does. Focus on YOUR talents and gifts while cheering on your peers in theirs. There’s so much more to life than classmate competition, others successes don’t take away from yours, be proud of yourself and your friends!

3.  Be kind. Be yourself. Be good.
You are perfectly you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace and encourage the differences that others are. Don’t get sucked into the he said, she said crap. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want being shared with the person you said it about, and you won’t have to worry. Be kind, to everyone. You don’t have to agree or even like everyone, but that doesn’t give you the right to be cruel. Same goes for others to you. And if they are? Hold your head high, walk away and talk to us. Same goes for the teachers. I assure you that you’re not going to love them all, or always like what they have to say. That’s OK. But you don’t get to back talk or be rude. They are a) the adult and you will respect them b) they are there to help you, use that. And appreciate and respect that and them, they are your biggest resources!

Love you and don’t ever forget that!


Don’t tell my kids…

August 18, 2014


Don’t tell my kids  but I hate school more as a parent than as a kid.
I don’t care how frilly and froo frooed they make the damn commercials. I hate it.
Ya ya I know education is important, hence why my kids can’t know how I feel. For 10 months out of 12 I lie.

I fight with my high needs kid every morning. The stress almost every morning leaves me exhausted and close to if not in tears. 
For 4 years I was up against daily bs, and it quite frankly made me hate school even more.
Though those years are gone,  getting him there and managing cycles in a stressful, pressure situation still sucks. I find myself holding my breath for 7 hours Mon to Fri. It’s not cool.
Good thing his sister is easier to get to go,  though I never know what she’s wearing or eaten because Lord knows it’s not what I’ve laid out!

I hate lunches, no matter how fancy pants they make the lunch kits and snacks. Blah. Trying to feed my kids through a lunch kit is painful.

The routine is nice,  but even then there’s the bed time fights.  Brush your teeth, have your shower, read your book. No wonder I drive them crazy, mommy broken record is my new name.

And home work, worst thing ever! Not only can I not do the current grade 6 math, I am quite often exhausted and any and all homework is almost guaranteed to result in tears, theirs or mine.

I admit I am a bit of a slacker mom in the studying department. I put in a heroic effort to remind them and help, but by December either they forget or I forget to ask. Come January you’re lucky if I checked the agenda once a week.
Thank God my girl likes to achieve honours and takes pride in her work, or I think we’d be expelled. The whole family would be booted if they went by this mom.

I also quite enjoy having my kids home, the slower pace, the no time lines. And the happier kids.

I am p’oed in 2 weeks I have to suck it up.
And I will, as most mom’s do because I know how important school is. I will go to  a zillion meetings, and fight every morning, make the stupid lunches, and battle the homework battle because I know that I want my kids to succeed.
But I’m not gonna be happy about it!
But don’t tell my kids.