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Stop the blame and the shame !

February 23, 2014


OK I’m taking a big breath and I’m writing this post!
Why do so many suffer in silence,and not receive help? I think theres a few reasons, but shame is a big one. So here I go…
I saw a post yesterday that made me see red. It was a very poor pie chart comparing the causes of mass shootings (a target at big pharma companies ) The entire pie was red, depicting people on a list of anti depressant or anti physcotic medications, as the sole cause, I stand strong this and mental illness is not the sole cause .
Now if you’ve read previous posts you know we struggled with medication. You’ll also know I don’t believe it benefits everyone, or that everyone needs it. You’ll know I believe it should be coupled with therapy and prescribed for the most part by physciatrists. I’m aware not all countries make any of this easy. You’ll know I believe in to each their own path of treatment.
I saw red, why did this bother me to my core?
Because if I was someone suffering I would have felt attacked for nothing more than treating my illness!
Here’s the thing a lot of society forgets, because it’s human nature to want to be able to blame someone or something.  Almost all people with mental illness are a harm to noone, other then themselves, even then only some.
by Taking medication appropriatly, as prescribed and monitoring does not put you at risk to harming others or increasing violence.
I would hazard a guess that those who acted out these horrendous crimes (and I am not in any way shape or form condoning or excusing these criminals ) were yes possibly on said medication, but I almost guarantee they either a)were not actively taking them b) not taking them properly or c) not being honest with their physician if being monitored at all.
Did they suffer from mental illness, probably,  were they on meds? Maybe.
But I’m sick and tired if mental illness and medications for treating the illness getting a horrid stigma because of ridiculous, falsehood s put out there by the media, lawyers and people who really don’t know.
Maybe instead of monosato (don’t care about the spelling! ) posting something that could potentially cause someone try to  stop medication or question themselves as a decent human being, they should think before they speak.
Maybe they should have a bit more compassion, empathy and leave attacking individuals out of their ads.
Maybe they should do some solid research on just how many lives these medications save. Every. Single. Day.
Want to slander and attack the big pharmacy companies, which I know was the point of said ad?  Go ahead, but leave those that benefit from medicine out of it. Unfortunately many with mental health issues already have low self esteem, and question themselves, feel guility and alone. Such ads could ultimately cause a lot  damage and yes I’ll go as far as risking a life or lives . It could make them feel even more shame,guilt and blame, then they already struggle with.
Consider that without these medications many people could not function. Remember that every person is unique and individual. Those who committed such crimes were them, not everyone who needs medication to keep them alive.
So if you suffer and happen to come across such an ad, remember:
you are you!
There is no shame in your illness, nor is there in receiving treatment, in fact it’s most commendable.
Not everything you read is truth. Only you know your truth.
The only people you should listen to regarding treatment is a professional and yourself.
You are worth it, worth so much and if you need medication to be the best you, don’t doubt yourself.
Be you and try not to let things like this sway you from being you, and doing just what you need.
Hold your head high!
Because no one knows unless they’re you!